About Us

Our Approach

At The Ultimate Beat, we pride ourselves on running fun, quality classes where your child can learn and grow with each session. Classes are always extremely professional and care is taken to make sure that each child receives individual positive feedback. Our teachers also make sure that classes are prepared and that each session is fun and interesting for all involved. Our classes focus on developing each individual, working closely with them to build confidence in our sport.

We have been running our classes since 2006 and officially moved to our own premises in Belmont in 2013.

A Year In Aerobics With Us –

We begin our registration in September with a new timetable and classes starting in Term 4. Terms 1, 2 and 3 are our training and competition terms with lots of exciting things happening.

We will be having our annual Concert and trophy presentation at the end of Term 3. This is a great way to finish off our Aerobics season and to celebrate a fantastic year together.




Nicole has been dancing since she was four years old. She has had over 25 years of experience and training in ballet, modern and jazz dance and has many years of theatre experience as a performer, choreographer and director.

Nicole competed in sport aerobics through primary, high school and beyond, and opened her own studio soon after completing her HSC. Nicole has coached athletes to compete at State, National and International competitions and she has coached many athletes to World Champion titles including World Champion in Cadet Individual Male, Junior Individual Male and Cadet Pairs. Nicole has also trained and coached medalists in the Junior Trio section and finalists in Junior Individual Female and Senior Petite Teams.

After opening her brand new premises in Belmont in 2013, Nicole began a dance program and classes have steadily grown with students benefiting from Nicole’s extensive musical theatre background as well as her training in modern, ballet and jazz. Nicole’s program has developed and opened up a range of opportunities for her students to excel, and her students get the opportunity to perform in The Ultimate Beat’s annual aerobic and dance showcases.

Nicole is a qualified personal trainer and is currently completing a bachelors degree in exercise and sports science to further her knowledge of training and physical development. Nicole absolutely loves being a teacher of both Aerobics and Dance and is committed to providing a place of enjoyment for kids of all ages whilst nurturing their love of the arts.


Sport aerobics has been a major part of Taylah’s life for the past 10 years. Beginning in primary school before moving to the Ultimate Beat, where she has trained for the past 6 years. Those 6 years have seen Taylah receive numerous State and Nationals level medals. Along with 3 consecutive years representing Australia at FISAF World Championships (2012-2014). Her biggest achievement placing 4th in the Junior Individual section in Prague 2014. This year Taylah returned to the international stage in a team event placing 8th in the World.

Taylah focuses on bringing her athlete experiences to her coaching style allowing her to relate to the students. She takes pride in watching her students grow to their full potential.

Along with aerobics Taylah has also been an avid dancer from the age of 3. Undertaking exams for Tap (L.G.T.D.A) Ballet (R.A.D) as well as being a member of performance troupes that competed in Eisteddfods. Taylah also teaches dance at The Ultimate Beat and enjoys choreographing innovative and fresh routines.


Demi has been at The Ultimate Beat for ten years and has been teaching for the last five years. She has also competed at a State, National and International level.

Demi has dedicated herself to Sport Aerobics and has put in many hours work for training not just in the studio but also at the gym. This commitment has seen her become a National medalist many times in both individual and team events. Demi loves to get to know her athletes on a personal level and to learn what works for them. She really enjoys seeing her athletes improve and have fun whilst doing so.

Having competed at 2 world championships within the last four years, Demi believes these experiences have not only made her a better athlete but a better, more knowledgeable teacher. She has completed her HSC this year and is looking forward to moving onto University to continue her studies.


Ella has been at The Ultimate Beat since 2013 and loves what a happy and positive environment it is. She trained as a dancer in her early years and then moved to Sport Aerobics to spread her wings. Ella has trained in both individual and team events and has competed at a State, National and International level.

Ella has competed at the FISAF World championships three times for aerobics in a team and has placed 3rd, 4th and 8th in the world. Ella has also had a lot of experience with all styles of dance such as musical theatre, contemporary and jazz and has proven herself to be a master in any style she takes on.

Ella loves to teach and watch the kids laughing, smiling and having lots of fun. She also loves helping them to improve and reach their goals as the year goes on.